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Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures on Internet Radio Starts November, 2010

October 10, 2010

  Author, journalist, blogger, videographer and producer Wm. Hovey Smith will start a new Internet radio show in November, 2010. Titled “Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures,” this new show will introduce story telling to provide information to listeners about products, hunting methods, places to go  and the practicalities of hunting, processing and cooking wild game. Some real hunting adventures will appear on the show with close calls, battles with nature and sometimes the animals being taken along with man’s attempts to overcome his own shortcomings  and fears.

  Fun and an easy listen will dominate the show as Hovey and guests do some serious, and not-so-serious, considerations of the various aspects of the outdoor lifestyle from getting a deer on opening morning to how people started their own outdoor-based businesses and grew them into prosperous companies.  The unexpected, unusual and sometimes strange will be considered on the show as Hovey explores the almost unlimited possibilities of the hunting and outdoor experience.

  A typical show will have a segment where the theme of the show will be presented during the first quarter-hour, a story by the guest where they illustrate the use of a product or technique through an “audio field test,” a cooking segment and conclude with one of Hovey’s original stories related to the theme of the show. This format allows a variety of topics to be introduced in interesting ways.

  The coming shows will be introduced on this blog, photographs of the products and participants will often be posted and, sometimes, the show will be linked to video footage shown on this blog or on YouTube.

  Some outrageous made-up sponsors will be introduced to the public. These will include Delta Dawn Wake Up Drops, Misty Mangue Hair Thinner and The Velcro Wall Child Dressing Aid.  Serious sponsors are invited and solicited. For information on sponsorship opportunities both on this blog, on the radio show and for the opportunity to present a “live” show from your location contact Hovey at

  This is going to be a fun and exciting new approach to outdoor radio to make the transition between talking heads to fun listening that provides a large amount of useful informational content.

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