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Who Wm. Hovey Smith is and What He Does on the Web

October 13, 2010
  It is a comparatively simple life on the Web if you are a one-topic guy, but unfortunately that is not me. For those who only consider single topics,  they only have one blog on that topic and run with it. I wish is could, but this mind of mine gets more excited about broaching new topics and doing different things. The list that follows will help you find out what this Wm. Hovey Smith, Hovey Smith, The Backyard Sportsman, The Gun Whisperer, guy is all about.  


         Backyard Deer  This is the blog that I post most often. This contains materials on guns, hunting methods, recipes and other outdoor-related topics. I write this blog from personal experience. If I have not physically “been there and done that” it will not appear here.

        The Backyard Sportsman Radio Show Blog This blog is restricted to materials that appeared on my VoiceAmerica Sports radio show, “The Backyard Sportsman.” In it you will find a summary of the show topics and a live link to listen to any episodes that are archived on the channel. These episodes are also on Apple’s iTunes.

        Southern Home  I live with an  near a very large number of creatures in and about my 1790s home.  When I come across something that I believe would be of general interest, and useful for people to know,  I will post an entry here.

        Backyard Deer In the vein of low-cost, effective hunting products, I post what I consider to be the best products in this category. In this blog I set a top price of $300. If someone would like for me to consider a product, I will need a sample and will post it on this blog if I really think that it is worthwhile. I produce a brief video for this product at a cost of $500 to the sponsor that is posted with the review of approved products. The sponsor is also free to use the video in any manner it wishes.

        A Visit From Auntie Thresa  This is a new Christmas story that is available in short story, screen play and stage play versions. The one-act play uses a cast of eight and is designed for small stage productions. It has a running time of about 30 minutes making it ideal for production as part of a larger Christmas program. The short story version will be introduced with a reading on the Nov. 5, 2010, episode of the VoiceAmerica Sports, The Backyard Sportsman Internet radio broadcast.

YouTube Videos

At last count I had more than 30 videos up on YouTube. These include “Backyard Deer Hunting Video Clip,” Backyard Squirrel Hunting,” “Backyard Bear Hunting,” “3-min Cleaning and Cooking a Wild Turkey,” “Swan Hunting,” and others to come. Use the following link to “Backyard Deer Hunting Video Clip” to get you quickly to this one and my other YouTube Products. These include cooking as well as gun and hunting-related videos

 Radio Shows

The Backyard Sportsman is being broadcast on VoiceAmerica Sports radio at 10:00 AM, Eastern time on Friday mornings. This hour-long show features Hunting, Hunting Equipment, Wild Game Cooking and Home Business segments. Thirteen episodes were aired in 2010 and these are available on Apple’s iTunes. These shows are Google searchable, available 24/7 and present basic hunting information. This series of shows takes new, or inexperienced, hunters through small game, deer and big game hunting along with offering tips on low-cost methods, equipment, game processing and cooking. The general theme of these shows is much along the lines of the author’s book: Backyard Deer Hunting: Converting deer to dinner for pennies per pound.

To listen to any show go to the following  VoiceAmerica Sports show page and select the month and episode you want to hear “The Backyard Sportsman” with Wm. Hovey Smith


Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures is an outdoor show based on a story-telling format. In it the first segment will introduce an outdoor-related topic, the second segment will often feature a guest (or me) telling a story on how this product (information or technique) was used in the context of an actual hunt. A third segment will frequently feature cooking and the concluding segment will be a story told by me that relates to the general topic. This is a fun, informative show that will often feature the unusual, unexpected and will frequently challenge commonly held opinions.  To see a video announcment of the show go to: This show will first air in November, 2010.  I will provide a link to it when one has been established.

Books To place orders go to

Backyard Deer Hunting: Converting deer to dinner for pennies per pound is a one-volume book that tells the reader what he really needs to know to successfully hunt deer and other game. It includes instructions on finding a place to hunt, getting licensed, obtaining inexpensive hunting tools, game killing, game processing and 50 recipes that anyone who can turn on a stove can cook. It is available in hard cover, soft cover and in all E-book formats. This book is available from all on-line dealers or can be ordered from your local bookstore.

Backyard Deer Hunting – The Video This is an hour-long DVD that is now in the final stages of production. Although it does not capture all of the material in the book “Backyard Deer Hunting,” it provides an overview of the topic, including some practical instructions on handling deer and processing a road kill. Two recipes are illustrated in the video selected from the 50 that are given in the book. For availability and price please consult

Crossbow Hunting is the only title that is exclusively about hunting with modern crossbows. This book includes definitions, a brief history of the development of the modern crossbow, selecting the appropriate crossbow for individual users, hunting tips, crossbow hunting stories from around the world and concludes with chapters on cleaning and cooking wild game animals.  Rather than featuring only one maker’s crossbows or focusing only on high-price products, all varieties and price ranges  of crossbows are considered for all age individuals.  

Practical Bowfishing is the only book in print that covers the exciting sport of taking fish with a bow an arrow. Typically the fish species taken are carp, gar and suckers that can provide some good tasting family meals. Carp is the largest single source or protein consumed on earth. From clean waters the five species of exotic carp are an excellent food fish and gar yields two strips of boneless mild-flavored meat. No other sports can be done almost anywhere, almost anytime, yield an unlimited amount of game and improve the fishery at the same time at a very low entry costs. Chances are, you already own a bow that you can rig for bowfishing.

Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures: X-Treme Muzzleloading is in the final  stages of production and will be available in Winter, 2010. This book relates some of my more interesting adventures with muzzleloading guns including hunts with muzzleloading rifles, shotguns, smoothbores and pistols for dangerous game, big game, waterfowl and small game.  These hunts took place in the U.S., Europe and Africa over the past 50 years. Detailed information on the guns and loads is given.

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