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All About Turkey Hunting for Thanksgiving Week

November 11, 2010

The end result of a successful turkey hunt - a wild turkey on the holiday table.

To go directly to the show page click on the following URL. This show will be available  November 23, 2010. Click here:

  Champion turkey callers Jason Kidd and Mark Coin of Down-N-Dirty Turkey Calls discuss Fall and Spring turkey hunting while Hovey speaks of his experiences hunting Fall turkeys in Florida and Spring turkeys elsewhere. The cooking segment covers cleaning and cooking a wild turkey and preparing Southern cornbread dressing and giblet gravy from recipes published in Backyard Deer Hunting: Converting deer to dinner for pennies per pound and others of his books.

  Backyard Business Module 14 considers financing options for a new business venture. This show introduces a new sponsor, Synthetic Industrial Non-Nutritives, Inc. (SIN, Inc.) and its new mostly synthetic turkey made of by-products from the coal, petroleum, timber and meat-packing  industries and fortified with synthetic butter, salt and sugar to promote rapid weight gain.

  “There is no need to kill a turkey to get the butter, salt and sugar tastes that you crave,” a company spokesman explained. “We do all of that for you. You can mold this product into any shape. We have decades of experience fattening hogs and cattle in America’s heartland. SIN, Inc. is applying our knowledge to fattening people with the introduction of this exciting new product.”

  Supplemental materials include recipes in my books, Backyard Deer Hunting: Converting deer to dinner for pennies per pound, and Crossbow Hunting as well as a video on YouTube, 3-minute Cleaning and Cooking a Wild Turkey.  For details on the books go to

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  1. December 10, 2010 7:13 pm

    nice, love this blog, how do I subscribe

    • December 11, 2010 6:51 am

      Look in the upper right-hand column and click there. That will send a post to your E-mail account with each week’s new posting.

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