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“Mother” of Mother Earth News featured on Nov. 16

November 11, 2010

To go directly to the show page click on the following URL. This show will be available  November 16, 2010. Click here:

  Cheryl Long the Editor-in-Chief of “Mother Earth News” appears as the first guests on Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures in an interview recorded at the first Mother Earth News Fair held at the Seven Springs Resort in Pennsylvania. This was a pilot event for a series of MEN Fairs that will he held around the country as an annual event sponsored by the magazine. The two-day event featured seminars and exhibits on topics as diverse as sustainable agriculture, environmental issues, cooking, home food preservation, wind energy, solar energy and developing a more independent self-sustaining outdoor lifestyle.

Cheryl Long Editor-in-Chief, Mother Earth News.

  Long discusses the magazine, the fair and plans for coming events. An inspiring lady, this “Grandmother to the World” not only handles the day-to-day business of putting out a national full-color magazine, but she also manages an increasingly important on-line presence for the publication and auxiliary activities, such as these fairs.

  The cooking segment of the show introduces the concept of “Backyard Deer Hunting” as a means of providing inexpensive and healthy wild-game meals for the family from deer and other species. Business Module 13 continues the series from “The Backyard Sportsman” radio show with its discussion of legal issues facing a new business.

  The general thrust towards more independent living based on a healthy outdoor lifestyle promoted by the “Mother Earth News” and “Grit” magazines is the same as advocated in my books, Backyard Deer Hunting: Converting deer to dinner for pennies per pound and Crossbow Hunting. Both publications are very much how-to and do-it-yourself oriented as are my other books, Practical Bowfishing and X-Treme Muzzleloading. For more information on these publications go to

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