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North America’s 29 Big Game Species by a Traditional Archer, Nov. 30

November 13, 2010

Elk challenging an archer. "Come closer and either you or I will die."

 To go directly to the show page click on the following URL. This shows will be available on November 30, 2010. Click here:

  Dennis Dunn, who took all 29 species of North American big game with traditional archery equipment and lived to publish a book about his accomplishments, is Hovey’s guest. After Dunn relates some information about the equipment he uses and tells a story about a Dahl sheep hunt that gets off to a hair-raising start and has an unexpected outcome.  

  Hovey introduces the exciting sport of bowfishing which is also often done with traditional archery equipment as not only fish like carp and gar are taken with bowfishing gear but also alligators which may be fought by the boat for hours before they are ultimately harvested. In his cooking section, Hovey will discuss taking really large game animals such as bison, moose and elk. Backyard Business Module 15 will consider “How to Launch a New Business” as inexpensively as possible.  

  Dunn’s book, Bearbow, relates his 40-year through 29-chapter stories of his hunts that are illustrated with original artworks from a remarkable pair of father-son artist, Haden and Dallen Lambson. In addition, there is biological information about each of the species, their ranges and habitats.  If this were not enough, another section of the book contains some outstanding photography taken as Dunn pursued his dream across the continent. Dunn’s coffee-table size hard-cover book has a retail price of $95 and is available on-line through and other sources as well as from your local bookstore.

   Hovey’s book  Practical Bowfishing is the only currently available book that takes a person completely through the sport from chosing basic equipment, through methods, constructing a bowfishing boat, the species that may be taken, strategies for bowfishing, cleaning the fish and recipes for cooking them.  Contrary to popular belief, the various species of carp and gar can be excellent eating when taken from clean waters, and these and many other fish can provide inexpensive family meals using recipes from the book.

  To order Practical Bowfishing go to and place your order using the Pay Pal button. This book is now out of print and is selling for between $50-$200 on-line, but is still available from the author for $20 plus shipping.

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