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Buddy Hunting in Idaho’s Muzzleloading Season, Ranch Harvest of a Wild Hen Turkey on Dec. 10 Show

December 6, 2010

Clint Boone with the author's hen turkey and Stevens Long Tom.

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  After meeting Clint Boone because of a referral of a friend of a friend of a friend on a successful bear hunt, I was invited back to do a buddy elk hunt with Boone on some lands belonging to his family and friends  near Kellogg, Idaho. This hunt followed a four-day drive through about as wide as assortment of Western Winter weather that I cared to see including sub-zero temperatures, blizzard conditions, dry snow, wet snow, black ice, 45 mph winds and freezing snow-slush with slick spots. I only slid off the roadway twice during the trip and got there and back without physical damage to me and my truck – excepting having a front tire blow out in South Dakota.

  The objective of all of this was to take my first elk using a 1840s-50s Brunswick 2-groove rifle that was made in the Royal Arsenal of Nepal. Using local knowledge Boone knew where the elk were, and we saw fresh sign. They were in the immediate area but never was a bull (the only legal elk) within sight of my gun during the six days that I hunted. This hunt provided a very large amount of useful information on muzzleloading for elk in Idaho as well as about the various Idaho seasons, where the elk are and how to hunt them that Boone related during our interview.

  I had an unfilled turkey tag remaining from my Spring hunt, and Idaho law permits that tag to be used on a fall bird which may be either a hen or tom. A nearby rancher was having problems with his barnyard wild turkeys and he gave us permission to take one of them. I wanted to take a hen to cook and also to recover the wing bones for a wing-bone turkey call. Boone and I set up a blind away from the house and we made “a sort of” hunt out of it with him calling these birds past the blind by rattling corn in a plastic bucket.

  I took the turkey with an old Stevens 94A Long Tom that belonged to my mother and 1 1/4-ounce lead pheasant loads. This gun-load combination was deadly. I shot a video of this hunt which is up on YouTube at:

  Also featured on this show are the concluding Modules of “Starting Your Own Backyard Business” which was introduced on my old show, “The Backyard Sportsman” on VoiceAmerica Sports Radio.  In the next few weeks, I will post an entry on this blog that will contain the entire outline.  

  On this show I also did an audio review of my available books including Backyard Deer Hunting: Converting deer to dinner for pennies per pound, Crossbow Hunting and Practical Bowfishing. More information on these titles may be found on my website

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