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Dogs are Different People, Dec. 20

December 15, 2010

Cassey, one of the featured dogs on this all dog show with Sandersville, Georgia DVM, Dr. Kristine Evans.

   To go directly to the show page click on the following URL. This show is now available. Click here:

    A show that has completely, “Gone to the dogs,” considers canine interaction with other dogs, their owners and potential uses of dogs as Sandersville Vetenarian, Dr. Kristine Evans, and Hovey Smith discuss dogs, dogs and more dogs. Featured on this show is how in the present economy many valuable adult dogs are now at pounds because their owners can no longer keep them and the need for people to adopt these dogs, rather than choose a puppy.

  Cassey, the pure-bred Lab retriever shown with Dr. Evans, was recently given to Hovey and is now undergoing socialization and training to integrate her into a household that already has three adult dogs. These dogs include  a dominant “momma dog,” that is not about to put up with anything from a brash newcomer. Also considered in the show is the value and easy socialization of many mixed-breed dogs that have retrievers in their bloodline that often make excellent family pets.

Yukon, a pound dog that Hovey found a home for after having a broken tail fixed and given it its shots.

  Cassey is now making the transition from a dog that was always kept in a kennel to a “country dog” that has free interchange with other dogs and limited house privileges. She has had much to learn, as she had never been inside a house before or ridden in the cab of a vehicle. Although once trained she is now undergoing complete re-training before attempting to try her on ducks and geese next year because she had seldom  hunted during the previous three years.  

Stories on this show are, “Dog as a Deer Decoy,” “Dogs as Deer Retrievers,” and “Me and the Dogs Found and Killed this Deer. Now You Come Get It” which features Hovey’s past and present mixed-breed-retriever mixes.

Two of the author's dogs, Demeter and Diana, after assisting in finding and recovering a deer.

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