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CO2 Does Not Cause Climate Change, Dec. 27

December 23, 2010

Mine-mouth generating plants near Gillette, WY, discharge tons of CO2, but this gas does not cause climate change.

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    Carbon dioxide gas, which is a by-product of many natural and industrial processes, does not cause climate change, but increased CO2 is the result of the process of increased warming of the earth that is dominantly caused by the sun, rather than anything we humans do. Attempting to control CO2 from power plants, cement plants and other industrial processes, like brewing, will result in enormous increases in energy costs with no benefit to man or the earth.

Mark Wilson Thomas, Wildlife Biologist, Forester and Head of the Board of Directors for the Quality Deer Management Association.

  As discussed with Wildlife Biologist and Forester Mark Wilson Thomas, who has extensively researched this subject, the earth’s climate has frequently changed even to the extent that only 10,000 years ago there were glaciers in mid-continental North America, Europe and Asia. The content of atmospheric gases, including CO2, has at times been many times greater than at present. Sea levels have also changed over the past glacial periods on the orders of hundreds of feet, drying the oceans to the extent that a person could walk from Alaska to Siberia.

  The data supporting CO2’s supposed cause of climate change has been very often “cooked” with conflicting information omitted to promote the sale of worse that worthless securities based on nothing but “hot air.” The collapse of this market can generate another economic crisis resulting in the economic  ruin of a society that will have already seen its basic industries crippled by the very high costs of having to comply with expensive CO2 disposal methods or pay to purchase carbon credits that will often go to third-world countries and have unreliable verification. The money to finance this scheme will come from the pockets of the world’s, and America’s, homeowners through increased electric bills, fuel costs and added costs for manufactured goods and raw materials such as concrete.

  To continue the hot air theme, the cooking segment of the show is about making homemade

The late Jay "Buzz" Downs.

 wine and other products from the hard southern canning pear, which now grows as abandoned trees around many old home sites. The hunting story segment of the show relates several stories of  waterfowl hunting in southern Arizona, where this arid climate hosts ducks, geese and some surprising other species of waterfowl.   

  New ads this week are from Hot Air Radio where you can be woken up by being cussed at in a rotation of  47 different languages and SIN, Inc.’s new gas-charged drink mixes including the new puke flavor.  “If this is going to be how you are going to end the night, you might as well enjoy the flavor of the experience to start with,” a company spokesman asserted.

  One of the best recent references on CO2 and global warming is the British documentary film, “The Great Global Warming Swindle,” which may be found and viewed on-line. I will post a YouTube video on my wine making and pear cooking experiences in a few weeks. I already have a Video, “Simple products from the hard canning pear” on my channel wmhoveysmith at YouTube. My books, “Backyard Deer Hunting,” “Crossbow Hunting” and others may be found on my website

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