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The Hunting Buddy Relationship, Jan. 18

January 6, 2011

Swan and flag figure in Bill Krants' story of swan hunts on North Carolina's Outer Banks.

To go directly to the show page click on the following URL. This show will be available on Jan. 18, 2011,. Click here:

Two long-time hunting buddies Billy Krantz and Roger Kicklighter use a series of stories to examine hunting buddy relationships that have lasted over a period of decades. These bonds of friendship and trust are regularly cemented in a series of joint adventures which sometimes end with surprizing results.

Roger Kicklighter with a recent deer. This was a road kill from very near his front yard.

  Waterfowling for swan, Atlantic brant and ducks will dominate my discussion with Billy Krantz along with a story of how on Christmas week he had to deal with a very, very pregnant Labrador retriever that was not his own and he could not keep. Keeping with the coastal theme Roger Kicklighter and I will discuss some of our adventures hunting Georgia’s Golden Isles which include Ossabaw, Wassaw,  Blackbeard, Sapelo, Butler, Rhett, Ossabaw and Cumberland islands which includes hunts for deer, wild hogs, ducks and alligators.

  The cooking section this week will discuss handling wild hogs and making sausage with the general message that sausage making is something that anyone can do and the result is that you KNOW exactly what went into your sausage. In cooking the low-fat sausage that I make, the method is to brown the sausage in a pan and then steam in water until the interior of the meat is done.

  New products this week are the bungee Pod from Velcro Wall, The leaders in child suspension systems. This consist of a capsule suspended by a bungee Cord attached to the ceiling. The child is put in his pod, getting him off the floor while the mother vacuums or scrubs. Each time she passes by she can give a yank on the cord to keep the child in a satisfying state of motion while she works.

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