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Viva Las Vegas, Shot Show 2011, Jan. 25

January 23, 2011

Media at the Shot Shows often have a chance to try out products at a range day before the event.


To go directly to the show page click on the following URL  to listen now:

  With over 1,600 exhibiting companies, 57,000 attendees and 1,300 media, the 2011 National Shooting Sports Association’s Shot Show in Las Vegas had the 3rd greatest attendance on record and suggest a healthy outdoor market for the next year. This show is open only to dealers and buyers and is often where new products are introduced to North American shooters, hunters and outdoorsmen.

Winchester's new .410 ammo with both slugs and buckshot was tried out in this Tarus revolver.

  I participated in a Range Day before the show opened and had a chance to shoot some of the new guns and crossbows. The first section of this show covers these products and in the following segments  I do interviews with makers of  outdoor gear, hunting accessories, crossbows, firearms and shooting components.  I covered those products that seemed to be of most interest, those that solved some outdoor problem or presented a new solution to hunters’ needs.

  Listed below are the URLs for making contact with the vendors or manufacturers of the products that I described in the show.

5 11 Tactical Series  (flashlights and knives) –

The 5 11 flashlights are noted for very rapid recharge rates.

Battenfield Technologies (gun rests and gunsmithing tools) –

XS-Sight Systems (white outline sights for rifles and handguns) –

Blaser Jagdwaffen (hunting rifles and shotguns) –

Charter Arms (American made revolvers) –

10 Minute Deer Skinner (deer skinning tool for easy hide removal) –

A meal no coyote can resist.

Ruko Knives (inexpensive high-quality knives with lifetime warranty) –

Dan’s Whetstones (Arkansas novaculite whetstones) –

MOJO Decoys (duck decoys, wading staff and puppy coyote decoy) –

The new Governor from S&W also uses .45-Colt and .45 ACP ammo along with the .410 loads.

Big Game Treestands (safety harness) –

Hunt Zone (safety signs) –

Western Powders, Blackhorn 209 powder,  black powders

Ten Point Crossbows (crossbows and accessories)

Eastman Crossbows (crossbows and accessories)

Heritage Manufacturing (American made single-action revolvers)

Davide Pedersoli (replica American and European firearms)

Traditions (replica and modern muzzleloaders)

Chiappa (replica and modern rifles and Rino revolver)

Chiappa's new Rino .357 features soft recoil and smooth DA trigger pull.

Lyman (replica muzzleloading guns and Chiappa small-frame Sharps rifle)


Gun Huggi (a protective gun sock for bolt, tactical and black rifles)

Silver Stag's locking folder.

Silver Stag (American makers of stag handled knives and swords including using customer-supplied horn)

Outdoor Youth Adventures (coloring books featuring hunting and the outdoor life)

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