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Hunting Gun Talk 101, Feb. 22

February 22, 2011


Matchlock, flintlock, percussion and 209-primer fired muzzleloaders are all available as replica guns and may be used for hunting in the U.S.

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  In an audio stomp through the history of hunting firearms,  Hovey Smith takes on the task of explaining to the non-gun-savvy the evolution of firearms as sport hunting tools, how they were operated and  historically used.  To illustrate the practicalities of these guns, he  loads and shoots several examples and relates how all but the most primitive still has its place in the hunting world. Not only has Smith shot replicas of these guns as historical curiosities, he has taken all of them on successful hunts in Georgia, other places in North America and even in Europe and Africa.

Revolvers such as the percussion Colt-pattern revolver are now replaced by more reliable smaller guns and very large pistols designed for hunting.

  Smith, who is internationally recognized as an expert on hunting with black-powder guns, not only does the typical hunts for deer with in-line rifles, but also regularly hunts with muzzleloading pistols, smoothbore guns, muzzleloading shotguns and rifles. He has taken such game  as Africa Cape buffalo, swan and even more unusual species such as going on safari with a Japanese matchlock on Buffalo Creek for the mostly nocturnal armadillo – a hunt featured on this week’s  show.

A large muzzleloading hunting handgun with trophy warthog teeth.


The uninterrupted 30-minute shooting segment of this show is sponsored by Big Boomers, Inc., a company that can supply your muzzloading needs for everything from the .22-caliber North American Arms Companion revolvers to 36-inch siege mortars like the 10-ton Goliath, which participated in the battle of Vicksburg during the American Civil War.

Shotguns used for small game, waterfowl and big game are selected by size. From the top are the .410, 20-gauge and 12-gauge versions of the Mossberg 500.


Rifles shot during the program include the .22 L.R. (top), .45-70 Harrington and Richardson single shot, and the .30-caliber SKS semi-automatic rifle. All have appropriate hunting uses.

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