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Hunt Destination: Sandersville, Georgia, April 18

April 8, 2011
                                    Washington County Courthouse in Sandersville, Georgia.
 To go directly to the radio show page and listen to the hour-long show, go to:
  Hometown guys and down-home hunting and cooking are featured on this show where Hovey talks about the hunting opportunities in Washington County and how they have changed in his lifetime. Chamber of Commerce  head Rea Garrett introduces the community and up the street at the Country Buffet, Neil Pittman gets everyone caught up on the latest hunting news.

  Washington County is a dissected upland with some river swamps. The lower part is a plateau that is much better drained that the Georgia flatlands closer to the coast. The result is that a variety of game is available including abundant deer, wild turkeys, geese and small game. Quail, once a mainstay of Georgia hunters, are in serious decline because of reversion of croplands to forests, increased predators and attacks by invasive species such as fire ants and armadillos. There is now an alligator season in the county and with the states’ increasing bear population, it appears likely that there may soon be a state-wide season on black bear.

Chuck Holloway from Ocala, Florida, took a nice tom with three beards during turkey season.

  Visiting Florida hunter Chuck Holloway took a trophy wild turkey with three beards and his is among the hunting stories included in this show. Hovey discusses one of his favorite topics, backyard deer hunting, and describes some of his hunts with archery equipment within the city limits of Sandersville. “We are going to take these deer with out guns and bows or with our cars and trucks. You got your choice. I had rather do it with my crossbow,” he said.

  Many Florida hunters lease lands in the county because of Georgia’s liberal limit of 12 deer a year and also because these deer are generally larger than they ones they see in Florida.  Wild hogs are also becoming an increasing part of the annual take of game in the fall and may also be shot in the spring during turkey season on most state and private lands.  

  With its relatively mild climate, relatively inexpensive housing, low tax rate, reasonable zoning laws, low-cost of living, accessibility to quality medical care and educational opportunities the county is seeing an increase in retirees from more northern states. Since the occurrence of five successive Florida hurricanes, there are also newly arriving “halfbacks” who are relocating from Florida and choosing to retire in Georgia rather than further north.

  The small-town atmosphere that the County offers permits sportsmen to enjoy their hunting and fishing and have a more relaxed lifestyle. The community is ethnically diverse with recent arrivals from southeast Asia and Hispanics.  The town is located between Atlanta and Savannah and is about 120 miles from both cities.

  For information on hunting licenses, seasons, quota hunts and regulations visit the Georgia Dept. of Natural Resources website at

 For more information on Washington County, visit the county’s website at or contact the Washington County Chamber of Commerce at (478) 552-3288.

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