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Turkey Hunting Stories, April 11

April 8, 2011

Storyteller Hovey Smith

 To go directly to the radio show page and listen to the hour-long show, go to:

The late Charles Elliott.

 Turkey hunting stories including  how outdoor writer Charles Elliott got his first turkey and drink of Moon Shine, “Thunderball Turkey” where Hovey and turkey managed to get much soaked by a summer thunderstorm and the re-telling of “Turkey Dance with Feathers, Chimes and Cannon” in a not-so-lively Georgia Bar at 2:00 AM are among the stories on this episode of “Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures.”

  On a more serious note Hovey recalls arriving in Alaska after the Good Friday earthquake and gives some tips about survival cooking after natural disasters and how to avoid heavy-metal and other potential poisonings in the process.

  A portion of the show this week is sponsored by Buy Cheap, Make Cheap, Sell Cheap, Inc., a company that offers to make price-competitive products that sell for 20 % less that U.S. made goods by outsourcing to inexpensive labor markets around the world and using less expensive components. The results are products that sell for 20% less and only last 20% as long, so they must be replaced more often. According to the company spokesman, making and marketing,  “Cheap, cheap, cheap is a win-win situation for ALMOST everybody.”

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