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Engines of Change, May 2

April 23, 2011


Ed Foster and Roger Kicklighter going after some Georgia gators in the author’s boat. “Bondo Boat” had previously gone on a bowfishing trip through 13 states.

   To go directly to the radio show page and listen to the hour-long show, go to: It is now  available. 

  Air combat, boat engines, electric motors, big-block auto engines, small-batch wine making and a one-legged bowfisherman, all figure in an hour-long show that considers various aspects of engines from propelling vehicles to seeking to preserve old-time technology in a family winery in central Georgia.

  Continuing last week’s theme of bowfishing, Hovey goes on an unsuccessful bowfishing trip to one lake, tries his luck with another boat at another lake and then puts a small boat in a nearby river with an equal lack of success. A half-dozen fish were missed on the first trip, but no shots were had on the second and third. The chief positive result was that it demonstrated that the boats floated and two of the engines worked.

  This weeks story features a bowfishing trip to Mobile Bay with Chris Nelson and his friend Bubba during which not only fish are taken, but a manatee surfaces under the boat. This was one of  five that were seen, although Nelson said that these were the first such sightings in recent memory.

  A stop by Courson’s Winery located near Devereux in Hancock County, Georgia, revealed a one-family shop where wines were being made from some 20 varieties of muscadine grapes to produce wines ranging from semi-dry reds to a very sweet blush. In addition, the winery also produces wines from blackberries, pears, peaches and occasionally other products.   Raymond Courson explains the details of his operation and how he is trying to develop new wines from traditional Southern grapes and fruits, “like your granddad might have done.” 

   Courson now offers nine wines for sales through stores in about a 200-mile radius. To find out more about his winery and where to purchase the wines go to: or call (706) 444-0616. He also gives wine-making courses and sells the necessary equipment. Wines are also sold from the winery at 2623 Highway 22. Inquiries for stocking wines in retail outlets may be sent to Courson’s Winery, 2623 Highway 22, Sparta, Georgia, 31087.

  SIN, Synthetic Industrial Non-Nutritives, Inc., and Buy Cheap, Make Cheap, Sell Cheap, cooperate to form a profit-enhancement business that redesigns food stores to maximize the high-profit buttery, salt and sweet products that consumers want to purchase by restructuring  produce departments and reconfiguring deli operations to cut costs and increase sales.

  For some reason this week I am unable to add more images in the text as I usually do. To see more photos of Bondo Boat and Weldo Trailer in action visit my YouTube video “Bowfishing Across North America” at  the wmhoveysmith channel by clicking on the following URL:

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