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The Lady and the Spear: May 9

May 4, 2011
This, and other, dramatic photo of me nude with a spear provided no end of fun as it kept showing up at Sharon Henson’s family gatherings to the astonishment of her kids and grandkids.
Sharon Henson with now-discontinued Fred Bear crossbow.

To go directly to the show page  click on the following URL : This show is a re-broadcast of a prize-winning show first aired in February, 2011. It is now available to listeners at :

This Valentine Day’s show with guest Sharon Henson considers spear hunting, libido changes for a guy through live, having women hunting companions, nude photography with a humorous outcome, a fun romp through man-woman relationships and a recipe for wooing women with Deer Heart soup.

  Using events that took place during a several-year interchange between me and and the guest, hunting the world’s game with spears and harpoons is considered using their experiences and referencing those of Col. Eugene C. Morris, “The Spear Chunker,” who has taken more than 500 species of big game with spears, including African Cape buffalo.

  This discussion provides an entry to the subject of hunting with a women in a relationship where both partners have “been there, done that.”  They could easily be  an old married couple, even though they never have been married to each other. With this much life behind them, considerable fun can be had looking back over life’s experiences, hunting adventures and follies.

Morris drop spear suspended over corn.

  For those who want more detailed information about spears, I did an expansive article in the March, 2008, issue of the broadsheet publication, Knife World. Back issues are still available and may be ordered by going to Morris has published a book, Hunting with Spears, that is available from him as well as much more information about his spears and museum at his website, Pre Katrina, Sharon Henson lived on the Alabama Gulf Coast and sold prints of her photography. These may be seen at her website,

  Deer Heart Soup is an excellent soup and the recipe is below:

Centered heart shot on a deer could be the start of a soup.

1 or more Deer heart/s washed boiled and diced very fine. Remove heavy fat from top of heart and large blood vessels.

1 12-ounce can of cut corn

1 finely diced large Spanish onion

1 can crushed tomatoes

1/2 teaspoon of crushed garlic

1/8 cup of rice

1/2 teaspoon of salt

1/4 teaspoon of black pepper

sprinkle of celery seeds

1 tablespoon low-fat butter substitute

    In large pot boil deer hear until done. Remove and cut away clumps of fat from top of heart and large blood vessels. Dice meat very fine and return to pot. Add other ingredients and continue to cook until rice is done. Taste, re-season if necessary and serve.

Many meals are possible from wild game meats, such as this fine-looking plate of hog liver and onions.
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