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2011 Atlanta Blade Show: Part I. Individual Exhibitors, June 20

June 15, 2011

The 2011 Blade Show and International Cutlery Fair in Atlanta attracted over 900 exhibitors to its annual show from all over the world.

This show may be heard by clicking on the following link: Part II will be broadcast on July 4.

Attempting to sample the feeling and activities of the 2011 Blade Show in Atlanta required two one-hour radio shows.   Part I, broadcast on June 20,  showcased individual exhibitors and traced a few knife makers as they worked their way up the American Bladesmith Association’s progression from student to Master Bladesmith.  Many will ultimately start their own companies and hire others to help them expand their product line and market reach.

 Because my radio shows will also be heard by those who are only casually interested in knives,  I also included in the first show interviews with a collector-exhibitor, a maker of wooden knives, some in the fantasy knife field and spoke to others about unusual pieces.  My own interests is in plain-finished hunting and utility knives which were well represented by knives having a variety of blade shapes, steels and handle materials.

 Knife collectors are a large part of the Blade Show’s audience, and not only were there very large collections on exhibit there are always many dealers-collectors eager to buy and sell knives. Many specialize in individual brands, or a custom maker’s products or in particular types of knives.   

      Part II, Company Exhibitors, broadcast on July 4, opens with a visit to Buck Knife’s new factory in Post Falls, Idaho,  escorted by C.J. Buck and then continues with coverage of the larger companies’ exhibits at the Blade Show.

  Other events at the 2011 show included a blade forging demonstration, sword fighting in the Medieval style, seminars on modern tactical knives, knife auctions and public voting for the “Knives of the Year” awards in a number of categories. These awards are given by Blade Magazine who organizes the annual show. Winners of these awards are often featured in the magazine.

  Many exhibits are billed as “international,” but this one really is. Knife makers bring their products from Asia, Australia, Europe, The Middle East, Africa as well as from North America.  Prices range from knives selling for less than $5.00 to those priced up to $50,000. Not only are there international sellers, there are also international buyers. Many of the very high-priced knives are selling to the new rich in the Chinese and Russian markets.  

 Next year’s show will also be at the Cobb Galleria from June 8-10.

  Concurrent with the Blade Show, there was also a Tactical Show in an adjoining hall that featured military and police gear. Among those exhibitors was Elite K-9, , with a gear for the well equipped military or police dog. The dog model is a Lab, shown here as a fully outfitted working dog with an attached radio receiver on its back.  

A working Lab dressed for duty.   

 I also did a 5-minute video about the show. This may be seen by clicking on the following link:  

The following were featured on Part I.

Jan Giles and her collection of Girl Scout knives.

Jan Giles with her collection of Girl Scout knives.

Gene Jameson from, wooden knife kits.

Gene Jameson and son JJ.

David Loukides

Rich McDonald, frontier knives, (937) 466-2071

Andy Roy, hunting and utility knives

Andy Roy

Vince and Grace Evans, very high quality ethnic blade designs,
Kevin Casey, feather Damascus blades,
Kevin Casey

Shawn McIntyre, Australia working custom knives

Richard Nable, ancient arms, armor and antiquities,
Peter Cohan, National Knife Museum,,

Chris Lalik with Puma boar spear

Chris Lalik, Puma Knife Company,

Mardi Meshejian, fantasy knives, jewelry, furniture and sculpture,

Mardi Meshejian

 Dave Ruana, custom knives,,

David Ruana's boarding pistol

Jared West, Mantis Knives owner and designer

Jared West, Mantis Knives owner and designer.

A selection of Mantis knives.

 Tim Lawler, Sabersmith,

Kirk "Kirky" Crowner ready to battle something with Sabersmith's custom creation "The Claw."

 Katherine Plumer, scrimshaw on ivory and bone, drawing,,

Katherine Plumer

If you still have a few dollars remaining, AmerRuss Blade Arts makes high quality knives using precious metals, gems and exotic woods that can run in the tens of thousands of dollars. You can see some at, and put in your order at

If you have to ask .....

 The Atlanta Blade Show is done by Blade Magazine. The person who does most of the organization is Joe Kertzman, the publication’s Assistant Editor. Related E-contacts for this event are:,,,, and Joe’s personal E-mail,  

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