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A’Fixing to Get Ready to Go Deer Hunting: Holistic Health, Oct. 3

September 11, 2011

Hovey’s hip X-ray front view. Sorry about the zipper, but my lady doctor insisted on my having clothes on.

This show may be heard  following its broadcast date by clicking on the following link: If it is not the current show it is still  available as an archived show and on iTunes.

America’s population of deer hunters is increasingly populated by ageing or injured hunters who are finding that they are afflicted with a new crop of  pains each opening day. One way that may quickly relieve some of them is a visit to a Doctor of Chiropractics who might be able to offer immediate relief with a spinal adjustment, as happened with me, and start on a long-term recovery program which can have you in better shape for next season.

  On this program I interact with two Doctors of  Chiropractic, Dr. Kelly Morgenroth, who practices in my home town of Sandersville, Georgia, and Dr. Tom Potisk, who has his office in Wisconsin. This started with Dr. Potisk  discovering  my radio show, Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures  and finding out about my book Backyard Deer Hunting: Converting deer to dinner to pennies per pound.  He had also written a book. Whole Health Healing: The natural wellness bible for all ages, and suggested that our general objectives were quite similar, i.e., promoting better health and family life by living a more holistic lifestyle, exercising and a natural diet.

  To order Dr. Potisk’s book you may place an order at This book is also available from all outlets such as Amazon and Borders Books. My own books, Backyard Deer Hunting: Converting deer to dinner for pennies per pound, Crossbow Hunting, Practical Bowfishing and forthcoming book X-Treme Muzzleloading, all contain easy to cook wild-game recipes and may be viewed at and also ordered from E-commerce sources and book stores.   

  I had long advocated these principles along with taking charge of one’s work life by starting your own outdoor-based business (including 21 YouTube videos).  Only the week before I had given an hour-long teleseminar on the subject.  My experiences with a natural diet included eating almost exclusively wild game meats, fish and fowl as well as what plant materials, fruit and nuts that I could gather. I am now, for example,  making persimmon bread and beer.

  Making persimmon beer from the left-over skins, seed and clinging fruit resulting from the making of persimmon bread. This beer has a slight citrus taste and yields a refreshing Summer drink. I have a YouTube video on the topic at:  

  I had absolutely no problems with the great majority of  Dr. Potisk’s opinions on holistic living, but some resistance emerged when I received his book and found out that he was a Chiropractor, who I had put only a slight bit above snake oil salesmen. I had never been to one in my life. I read his book and found out that not only did his arguments make sense, but that chiropractic could likely help me with a 10-year  problem of neck stiffness resulting from an auto accident.

  There is considerable distance between Georgia and Wisconsin, so I could not consult with him, but fortunately a lady Doctor of  Chiropractic, Dr. Kelly Morgenroth, had recently opened her practice in Sandersville.  After a single adjustment to my neck, I had 30 degrees more movement and could now see over my left shoulder. In addition, the extreme tightness of my neck muscles and pain was gone.

  X-rays revealed that one of my legs was considerably taller than the other, resulting from an injury at about age five, and there were some other areas that could likely benefit from adjusting the spine. I sent photos of a couple of  my X-rays up to Dr. Potisk so that we would have a real case to talk about during the program. One of these X-rays is at the top of this post.  Although I was attempting to stand level and square to the X-ray camera, one hip socket is higher than the other and the pelvis is twisted to the extent that it is not lined up with the spine.

  This is likely why I never could run without pain, even as a young man, and long driving trips left me very stiff.  Before Dr. Potisk and I did the interview, I had the chance to have  two spinal adjustments and could talk about the process and include the sounds of Dr. Morgenroth adjusting my spine on the end of the program. The metallic clinks that you hear are not my spine, but her table rebounding to increase the effectiveness of her manual manipulations.

 Ads included in this program are from SIN, Inc.’s, (Synthetic industrial Non-Nutritives, Inc.) Diet Division. This firm offers diet pills that have no known medical effect that they make for about four cents and sell for between $0.40 and $40,000 a pill, price-adjusted according to a person’s income. This graduated cost is designed to encourage the dieter to follow the dietary changes and exercise parts of the weight-reduction program.

This black rat snake will take care of our rodent problems.

  A new sponsor, Rent A Reptile, specializes in renting snakes and other reptiles for an all-natural method of pest control. These include smallish snakes for apartment dwellers with roaches to pythons for those with larger animal problems. This service is unfortunately not available in the United Kingdom, where they have no snakes and take the strong position that they want none.

 A buried electric dog fence is necessary to confine the reptiles to the subject property. For difficult animal control problems, such as with armadillos, Fred and Freda, a pair of anacondas, will usually take care of these with a few nights’ work. These snakes require access to ponds or other cooling sources of water. It is wise to keep small children and pets confined when Fred and Freda are deployed.

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