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Wounded Warrior’s Son Bags First Deer, November 7, 2011

November 1, 2011

Hunter, now known as "Dead Eye" Deen with his first deer - a 5-point Georgia deer taken with a CVA Electra .50-caliber muzzleloading rifle.


This show may be heard  following its broadcast date by clicking on the following link: If it is not the current show, it is still  available as an archived show and on iTunes. 

Witnessing a young man taking his first deer is always a heart-warming experience and this was especially true when that young man is the 13-year-old son of  an Iraq veteran  in the  Wounded Warrior program.  Sgt. Billy Deen, who is totally disabled, and his son Hunter arrived full of hopeful expectations after having read my book, Backyard Deer Hunting: Converting deer to dinner for pennies per pound.

  “I told Hunter that we were going to learn some things on this trip, and it certainly turned out that way,” Billy Deen remarked after they both had been introduced to the CVA Electra .50-caliber rifle that Hunter was to use on the last day of Georgia’s muzzleloader season. This unusual rifle is the most advanced muzzleloader ever built and features electrical ignition, requires no  primers, and is easy, although somewhat different, to operate.

  Even though only 13, Hunter is large for his age and was able to handle the gun with an adult-level charge of 100 grains of  Triple Seven Magnum pellets and PowerBelt’s  new AeroLite 300-grain bullets.  After father and son watched the buck slowly approach the blind from 200 and turn  broadside 40-yards from the blind, Hunter became increasingly focused on the deer.  He  forgot that he had to turn the electric-fired gun on and wait for it to charge up before he could shoot.  

The indicator light on the top of Electra's grip.

“It seemed it took forever for that light to start flashing,” Hunter said. After that, he aimed at the deer and pulled trigger and the gun would not fire. The safety was still on. Coached by his father, he pushed the safety forward, re-aimed and nailed the deer with a  shot through the shoulder. The deer ran about 40 yards and died at the edge of the field.

  I arrived almost immediately, and we all walked up to the deer while I recorded  Hunter’s excited remarks. For those  moments he lost his characteristic microphone shyness, and this historic father-son experience was captured on radio. This included the traditional bloodying of Hunter’s face by his father and their jointly dragging the deer across the field.  

  The pair hunted the same food plot the following day, but no deer appeared. Nonetheless, both were more than pleased that Hunter had killed his first deer. The remainder of the day and the next morning were spent packaging the deer for the freezer and making  a custom low salt, low pepper deer sausage. This was also recorded for the radio show, and highlighted the “Converting deer to dinner for pennies per pound” aspect of deer hunting.

Electra's ignition system.

Because of the Electra’s unusual nature, I also go through the gun’s disassembly and cleaning on the show. Although the gun is no longer sold by CVA, the rifle is currently available for less than $200  through Sportsman’s Guide. Before purchasing the gun, make sure that it is legal for your state’s muzzleloading season. For more information about the gun, listen to my previous program, “Muzzleloading Marvels,” where you will hear an interview with Dudley McGarity, the president of BPI, the company that owns the CVA and PowerBelt brands.

  If you are interested in the Electra go to In Nov., 2011, the guns were priced ranging from the stainless steel scoped gun at $209.97 – Club Price 179.97 to $188.97 – Club Price $161.97. This is the last remaining stock. Once these are sold, there will be no more of  them; although CVA continues to offer support, accessories and repairs.

  The pair left Sunday morning with frozen deer meat in their cooler and a cleaned and caped deer head ready for their taxidermist. Although dad was uncertain if he was going to have the head mounted, mom had no such doubts and told them over the telephone to, “Mount that deer.”   As a precaution, I had skinned the head for mounting and these extra cleaning steps are described in the program.

A "cleaned up" Hunter Deen with Electra rifle and first deer.

 During and following the Deens’ hunt I had been hunting with Cabela’s Buffalo .44-caliber

First of 5 squirrels taken with percussion revolver.

percussion revolver. This gun had taken five squirrels, but my one chance out of a dozen hunts for killing a close-range doe failed when the ball was deflected by an unseen twig.

  To more fully consider the range of hunting possibilities offered to returning veterans, I also interviewed Chris Chaffin, who is the Public Relations Coordinator for the Paralyzed Veterans of America Outdoor Recreation Heritage Fund. This organization arranges for both the specialized equipment and outdoor opportunities needed for paralyzed veterans to hunt deer, hogs and other game.  For more information on the PVA and their hunting programs go to their website at: and

  The PVA has recently launched a new way for people to donate money to finance these hunts. Using a mobile phone, text “HERO” to number 25383.  A $10 donation will be added to your next telephone bill.  You may also contact Chaffin directly to offer hunts or for making larger donations by calling his office at  (321) 729-0280 or his mobile phone at (321) 508-5500.  

  The Wounded Warrior program (AW2)  is administered by the U.S. Army. This program offers a range of  services to the nation’s most severely disabled veterans. Participants in the program must be recent veterans and have  30% disability in certain categories, which may be physical and/or mental injuries.  For more information call toll-free to: (877) 393-9058 or send an E-mail inquiring about the program to: There is also a website at:

 300 gr. .50-cal. AeroLite bullet.  New products introduced during this show include PowerBelt’s .50-caliber 300 grain  AeroLite bullets for standard charges (80-100 grains of  black powder equivalent) This bullet features a longer profile for less bullet drop and more retained energy at longer ranges.  This new bullet significantly extends the range capabilities of .50-caliber muzzleloaders.  Although this deer shot at 40-yards was certainly no test of long-range killing power, it made a .50-caliber hole where it hit the shoulder and blew a 2-inch hole through the shoulder bone sending bullet and bone fragments through both lungs for a very quick kill.

McKenzie's Scent Fan Duffle can scent and re-scent hunting clothes using aromatic materials from the hunting environment.

 McKenzie’s Scent Fan Duffle is a bag with a fan designed to draw scents through hunting clothes. This may be used at home before a hunt to pre-scent clothes using natural pine or other scents (like the persimmon I use) from the hunting area. It may also be used  to help dry clothes and re-scent them using a vehicle plug-in on trips to and from the hunting area. For information on this product go to: or E-mail McKenzie Outdoors at


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  1. Kaido permalink
    November 2, 2011 5:02 am

    Bravo Hovey! for helping Disabled Veterans and their families.

    This was good that SGT Billy Deen, and his son got to go together hunting and the boy got a Deer! This means something that you help Disabled Veterans, I am also a partly Disabled Veteran as such it makes me feel good that you, Hovey, yourself are a Veteran and assisting fellow Veterans. Good Job! BTW a reminder, on Veterans Day Applebee’s has their offering for a Free Complementary Meal for Veterans, Just show your Veterans, (DVA) ID card or DD FM 214. Look for the Advertizing about this upcoming offer.
    As for the CVA Electrica, it sounds like an excellent over looked Rifle. maybe in the future CVA and others will again revisit this design. On a Good note. My Universal Bullet the, VKV BG 456 was tested and found to be accurate and stable in Muzzleloading arms, by noted Florida Black Powder Pistol Hunter, Mr. Rudy Betancourt, who tested the Bullet in a Sabot in the new CVA Optima Pistol, thus proving the universality and practicality of this bullet.

  2. November 24, 2011 10:27 pm

    Interesting post. Many thanks. Coming from North East Scotland it’s good to come across a useful site like yours, especially with informative posts like this one. Keep up the good work.

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