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Sponsor Salute: Velcro Wall, Misty Mange, SIN, Inc. & Others, Jan. 19, 2012

December 13, 2011

Roger Kicklighter with a road-killed buck that was hit in front of his in-town home. He gave it to me for processing.

This show may be heard  following its broadcast date by clicking on the following link: If it is not the current show, it is still  available as an archived show and on iTunes. 

  Cleaning road-killed deer concludes the final show of  2011 which features my almost believable ads from Velcro Wall, The leader in child suspension systems; Misty Mange, The hair care product that you and your pet can share; and SIN, Inc., The leader in synthetic food technology along with others that feature nude hunts in the wilds of West Texas and a romantic get away on Gator Island where your privacy is assured by more than 500 alligators that live in the surrounding waters.

  Broadcasts activities during 2011 took me from Coastal North Carolina through Nebraska to the Silver Valley of Idaho to Las Vegas, Nevada, and down to the beach at Biloxi, Mississippi. All of these locations inspired ads from local sponsors and a number of these are re-broadcast for this program.  Among them are those from the Strip Down and Dry Bar at Kellogg, Idaho, the Bare Butt Hunt Club of the Solitario in West Texas and Mega Gator Park in Orlando, Florida.

  I also provoked a little history with some of these ads including those from  Big Boomer of Nevada who sells muzzleloading supplies, including full size cannon, from the firm’s location on the edge of the Federal Proving Range in Central Nevada and who also offers a unique form of anger management therapy having to do with learning to shoot Civil War era cannon.

  Inventiveness is highly prized on my programs, and I documented the attempts and failures of SIN, Inc.’s attempts to launch their Fire-Breathing Dragon in time for the Chinese New Year celebrations. Their initial efforts failed when 12-feet of flame was projected across the table and resulted in burning down the test facility. An alternative of projecting a green pistachio jello with solid particles was also less than satisfactory, according to focus groups. They had better luck with their Mascot Division which produced eatable gators and bulldogs in time for the tailgate parties associated with the annual Georgia-Florida football game.

  SIN, Inc. also continued to explore the potential of the synthetic turkey and produced a red, white and blue turkey for July 4, a green and red version for Christmas and a turkey in a cooking pack which cooks itself to perfection in any well ventilated and combustable-free outdoor location, such as a concrete test stand.  The spirit of many of these shows was captured as YouTube videos on the wmhoveysmith Channel,  such as my production of  “Bear Paw Pumpkin Soup for Halloween,” which may be viewed at the following link:

  Have a good holiday seasion. I will see you back next year with my annual broadcast from the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, which will feature  interesting products for outdoor folk who want to do things outside of the built environment and perhaps put some wild game on their kitchen tables.

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