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Hunting Spring Hogs and Turkeys, April 2, 2012

March 28, 2012


Author’s dog Demeter, guarding a wild hog taken from Williamson Swamp a few years ago with a crossbow on a hunt during June’s blue moon. 

This show may be heard  following its broadcast date by clicking on the following link: If it is not the current show, it is still  available as an archived show and on iTunes.  

  Go once more into the breach Dear Friends as Hovey chainsaws his way into  Williamson Swamp Creek for Hog Quest 2012 to take hogs and wild turkeys with muzzleloading pistols, a muzzleloading rifle, flintlock shotgun and crossbow.

Chris, Brandy, Madison and Amber.

  The show starts with his introduction of his Great-Nephew-in-Law, Great Niece and Great-Great Nieces as he does a question-answer session on the niceties of wild hog hunting. In this discussion he tells about cutting paths through the dead-fall, slash and overgrowing vines of a clear-cut forest to safely get to his hunting area which overlooks a hog wallow that he has been baiting with corn.

  Navigating in the swamp at night requires the use of a GPS unit and flashlight to negotiate his cut trail and get down a steep bluff to the creek’s floodplain which is laced with intersecting creek channels. Nightfall on the third evening brings an unexpected event when turkeys fly to roost in a cypress tree further down the creek. In a change of plans, he returns before daylight the next morning and sets up for these birds in the creek bottom.

  At daylight he records an interchange between himself and two hens roosted in the tree and three gobblers across the creek. The result is that the turkeys fly down, but to a clearing somewhere in the cut-over timber and not into his decoys. Failing in both is attempts at wild hogs and turkeys, Hovey explains that hunting is the process of progressive, successive approximations with each hunt yielding knowledge to increase the likelihood that the next hunt will be successful.

CVA Optima pistol, repaired Tree Lounge "Ground Lounge", Gerber folding saw and Marble's soufanger extendable knife.

 Hunting tools to be used on these hunts includes the CVA Optima .50-caliber muzzleloading pistol which has arrived, Traditions’ Vortek .50-caliber muzzleloading pistol which is being shipped, CVA’s Electra .50-caliber rifle, Davide Pedersoli’s Mortimer  flintlock 12-gauge muzzleloading cylinder-bored shotgun, Marbles’ soufanger  (hog stabber)  extendable-blade knife, Tree Lounge “Ground Lounge” stand, solar-powered flashlight, Poulan Chainsaw, Gerber folding saw,  Garmin GPS unit, ThermaCell and Wicked Ridge compound crossbow, which is made by TenPoint Crossbows. 

Wallow day 1.

  The presence of wild hogs is indicated by large-scale disturbance of the wallow usually following each days’ distribution of corn, although other swamp animals also eat corn nothing tears up the ground like a drove of hogs coming in to feed. Usually the corn is packed in using a 1960s-era Camp Trails backpack that has been upgraded with new straps and a belly band.  

   Ads on this show include those from Honest Abe Political Consulting who councils politicians to be honest and tell people that they are telling them whatever they want to hear in order to be elected and that they will do whatever is possible when they get into office, and SIN, Inc.’s  (Synthetic Industrial Non-Nutritives Inc.) new whole roast hog available in pink or zombie colors that provides the butter, salt and sugar tastes that you crave in a product that has no known nutritional value.

  The show concludes with an original 10-minute outdoor musical composition by a group of 20-odd unschooled musicians to offer comfort and solace to anyone in this 24/7 connected world in honor of the anniversary of the death of his late wife, Thresa Babb Smith.

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  1. BP Pistol Hunter permalink
    March 28, 2012 2:21 pm

    I have both the Vortek and the Optima and both are extremely accurate. Thr Optima is way more powerful as it is rated for 150gr of 777 vs the Vortek’s 70gr max. I use Kaido’s vkv bg 456 240gr bullet hard casted out of wheel weights and water quenched and placed in a sabot with hefty loads of 3fg 777. These projectiles work well and have proven accurate up to 100 yards.

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