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Feel the Power: Hot Muzzleloading Hunting Handguns, Electron Marketing, Kickstart Radio Show, June 4-June 17

May 31, 2012

The CVA Optima and Traditions’ Vortex .50-caliber muzzleloading handguns are very similar pistols designed for hunting deer and other big game.

This show may be heard  following its broadcast date by clicking on the following link: If it is not the current show, it is still  available as an archived show and on iTunes.
Evangelist Brother Bob, uses his Electron Marketing Motivation technique to open the show which focuses on two new powerful muzzleloading pistols, Traditions’ Vortek and CVA’s Optima, which were test fired by the author, and a Kickstarter Project that will enable the show to continue.
There is a companion YouTube video “Test Fire CVA’s Optima and Traditions’ Vortek Pistols”  at:
Nitride finished stainless steel revolver (bottom) compared to shorter barreled blued Pietta 1858 Remington revolver (top).

Cabela’s Buffalo before refinishing.

Also featured are the nitride finishing by H&M Metal Processing of Cabela’s Buffalo muzzleloading revolver to give it a durable matt-black finish compared to the mirror-finish on the stainless steel gun. This treatment not only improves function, but makes the gun less likely to spook close-range game. This treatment is available for $200 a gun from H&M in Akron, Ohio. The gun must be shipped disassembled, and no springs can be nitride coated, as the heat process alters the temper of the steel. 

A YouTube showing re-assembly of Cabela’s Buffalo stainless revolver after its nitride finish was applied is available at:

New products announced on the show are an audio CD “My Home Town” which traces the history of Sandersville, Georgia, from pre-Columbian days to the present and provides the author’s personal insights in local and family events. These included burning of the town by Gen. W.T. Sherman, Reconstruction, integration and changing population influences. A new 9X11 softcover book, X-Treme Muzzleloading is now being printed and Practical Bowfishing: The E-Book  will soon be available from, Barnes & Nobles and the iTunes book store.
A Kickstarter Project “Professionalize Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures” was launched on May 15 to raise money for new computers and broadcasting equipment to allow the show to continue. This fund-raising effort will end on June 15. If the full amount of $8,800 is not raised, the show will be discontinued June 30, and no ones credit cards will be charged. There will be a final broadcast on June 22.  Archived shows will still be available on Apple’s iTunes.
Significant rewards are available to those who pledge including books at their lowest ever prices, 2-day turkey or deer hunts and two one-month live-in internships where a young person can investigate the practical ins-and-outs of producing outdoor-related magazine articles, commercial copy, books, videos and radio shows and leave with a portfolio containing some of his own work.  
The cooking section features Moose Nose and Head Cheese which are made from the gelatin extracted from boiling parts of the animal containing connective tissues, such as snouts, feet and paws. Root vegetables, peppers and pickles are mixed with the eatable meat from the animal, spices, cooled and congealed into clear blocks. These are sliced and consumed as needed as a spread on bread or melted and served over rice or potatoes.
Ads on the show include Brother Bob’s Electron Motivation Marketing Service and Bottled Water From Trash Mountain that gives you the taste of the Los Angeles Basin and its partner Glow In The Dark Water from the Nevada Nuclear Test Range and Los Alamos National Laboratory.     
 H&M Metal Processing
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