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Bill Booth on Handgun Hunting, July 16, 2012

July 9, 2012
Originally broadcast February 1, 2011


To go directly to the show page  and hear the show click on the following URL :

  The diversity of handgun hunting is discussed as Bill Booth, representing Smith&Wession,  and long-time black-powder handgun hunter Hovey Smith talk about their world-wide adventures using handguns to take small game, deer-hog size game and the world’s largest species.

  Because of the interest in revolvers chambered for the .410 shotshell and the introduction of S&W’s new Governor revolver, a bonus section of the show includes Bill and Hovey’s experiences shooting this and a similar Tarus Judge revolver. The S&W is a larger gun and is also chambered for the .45 ACP and .45 L.C. cartridges. These cartridges headspace on their case ends, preventing magnum .45s from being chambered and shot.

  Revolvers and semi-auto pistols chambered for the .22 LR lead off the show with progressive discussions of the larger calibers offered in both muzzleloading and cartridge guns. Both agreed that the .44 Rem. Magnum was probably the optimum caliber for North American deer and hog hunting used in either long-barreled revolvers or single-shot pistols such as the Thompson/Center Arms’ Contender and Encore handguns.

The author has used both the Traditions Buckhunter Pro and Thompson/Center Encore to take hogs.

  Detailed discussions were held on squirrel hunting, deer hunting, wild hog hunting and hunting African game. Common threads through the discussion was to use long-barreled guns with adjustable sights, shoot from rests and practice from actual field shooting positions to perfect the niceties of sight alignment, trigger pull and breath control.

  For hog hunting both preferred solid hard-cast bullets with sharp angular edges such as the Keith semi-wadcutter and Thompson/Center Maxi-Ball designs. For heavier species like Bison, Bill preferred the hollow-pointed Barnes copper bullets.

After this show aired in February 2011, I had the opportunity to develop loads for the Runger Old Army and  Cabela’s long-barreled stainless steel Buffalo revolver (made by Pietta) that would yield 500 ft./lbs. of muzzle energy. I used each of these adjustable-sighted pistols to take close-range deer. For full details go to my www.hoveysmith.wordpress blog and YouTube video at

  Cooking again brought up the popular dishes of squirrel dumplings, squirrel stew as well as a South African progie cooked in a cast-iron pot for about 3 hours.  

  Posts on  and videos on wmhoveysmith channel on  YouTube describe making dumplins, squirrel stew, progies, deer stew, cooking large fowl and other wild game dishes.


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