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Nashville Deer Song, September 3, 2012

August 19, 2012

The end result of quality deer management – A young hunter takes a trophy buck after passing up a smaller deer.

This show may be heard  following its broadcast date by clicking on the following link: If it is not the current show, it is still  available as an archived show and on iTunes.

Nashville, Music City USA, sings with the sounds of deer as the Quality Deer Management Association held its 12 Annual National Convention complete with

Joe Hamilton

seminars on deer management, an associated Bass Pro Land and Wildlife Expo., banquets, after-event fun and gun and hunt auctions. Featured on this special 90-minute broadcast are the association’s Founder, Joe Hamilton, its Board Chairman, Mark Thomas and Communications Director, Lindsay Thomas who explain the purpose of the QDMA and highlight its recent activities. For information on the Association’s activities and publications go to:

  Also on this show are interviews with vendors who have introduced new products for deer hunters, making  bronze wildlife sculptures, interviews with The Swamp People and Turtle Man, the impact of flavored Bourbon and other spirits on the alcoholic beverage market, and two tips on how to start multi-million dollar industries having positive environmental impacts by taking advantage of free or nearly-free resources.
 Helina Chamical Company and Foxworthy Outdoors introduced a trace element food supplement to draw deer to a particular part of a food plot, deer weighing gambrel, insect repellent patch and a self-starting fire starter for getting fires going under wet conditions. For more information on these products contact for the nutrition supplement and go to for details on the other products.
 The Gun Case Blanket is a waterproof gun case that unfolds to provide an insulated blanket for early morning or very cold hunts. Its camo covering would allow its use on the ground and is ideal for keeping youngsters, women and small hunters warmer on cold wet days. A young hunter could carry his gun safely cased to his stand, and use it to provide needed warmth so that he could stay on the stand longer and increase his chances of bagging his first deer.  For more information go to
Apple’s iPhones are very popular and many hunters already own one. The  iScope is a two-piece adaptor that allows an iPhone to be installed on any rifle scope to enlarge the image of the target, allow more precise shooting and record the shot. Not only does this allow an instant video of the hunt to be sent to anyone in the world, it also provides an instant re-play of the shot to aid in recovering the animal and the ability to see exactly where, or if, it was hit. Some animals, although fatally struck, will run and show no immediate indications of being shot; only to be found weeks later as buzzard- scavenged carcasses.  Being able to review the shot while still in the field will help prevent such losses.  For more information on the Smartphone adaptor go to:
The ability to draw and sculpt is a skill that some people have and others do not. Artist Ronnie Wells of Salina, Texas, began as a graphic artist, worked as a medical illustrator and expanded into the fine arts producing graphite drawings and bronze sculptures of wildlife subjects. Not content with only making life-size sculptures of birds, deer, and other North American wildlife, he also went to Africa. This trip provided materials for sculptures of many African species, including one of his personal favorites, the warthog.  (Mine too.  They are excellent eating.)   Wells specializes in depicting his subjects in motion, as with his sculpture of a fly fisherman netting a trout.  He has a gallery in Salina, and his work may be seen on-line at:
  It is common for trade shows to arrange for some celebrities to attend their events and “The Swamp People,” J.R. and Jay Paul Molinere provided an interview on how an unexpectedly popular TV show had impacted their lives as well as the details of Louisiana-style alligator hunting. During this interview I contrast the typical sport hunting for alligators as now done from Texas to South Carolina with the hook-baiting techniques employed in Louisiana’s commercial alligator harvest.  
  Also present at the event was Ernie Lee Brown, Jr., aka Animal Planet’s “The Turtle Man.”  Brown’s outrageous performance persona is not that very different from the real-life guy. He was at the even promoting his new camouflage pattern that was being promoted by Moth Wing  Camo as well as entertaining visitors. To the best of my knowledge he managed to stay in the exhibition, unlike last year when he and his 40-Pound Snapper Band was expelled from the facility. It takes a particular skill to be among the Nashville musicians that were ejected from their performance venue, and Ernie Lee may be on his way to fulfilling his lifelong ambition of being on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.
  Although the QDMA has many professionally degreed members among its ranks and presents cutting-edge professional reports during its meetings, it is very much an “open-tent” organization that includes many hunters, their family members and industry representatives. A new program, The Rack Pack, is designed to introduce children to wildlife, sound management practices and hunting.   

Rod Pinkston

While the QDMA has its focus on improving the health and quality of the nation’s deer population, among the other linked issues presented at the conference were leading-edge technologies on wild hog removal, coyote control and fire as a land management tool. These included on this show are Jager Pro’s founder Rod Pinkston who applies military methods for eliminating wild hogs (, Dr. Karl Miller who outlined the impact of coyotes on the nation’s deer population and Dr. Craig Harper who discussed the proper implementation of controlled burns to manage land for deer and other species. These topics are considered in a special 30-minute addition to the regular program to provide detailed information to hunters, land owners and deer managers. Tips on how to handle your trophy deer between the time it is shot until it reaches the taxidermist are also included in this extended segment.  

 Freddy Lybers of  Western Spirits introduced flavored Whitetail Bourbon and  Bird Dog Whiskey to atendees at the QDMA events and Bass Pro Land and Wildlife Expo.
 The cooking section discusses Western Spirits’ new flavored Bourbons and the utilization of the hard canning pear that is commonly found near old home sites throughout the nation. Tips include how to make these pears eatable by freezing them, making pear sauce, poached pears, pear wine as well as the usual pear pies.

For more information on the QDMA’s activities and to access their reports and extensive publication list go to

Concluding “National Deer Song” is a partial recording of as stirring a rendition of the National Anthem as I have ever heard. This is sung in a fine tenor voice by QDMA member Boyce Flener.
YouTube videos that I have related to using hard canning pears are”Simple Products from Canning Pears” at and  Making Pear and Persimmon Wine at
Ads on the show include SIN’s, (Synthetic Industrial Non-Nutritive, Inc.’s) high and low solids Puke Vodka and suggestions for new companies “Nutria Burgers of Louisiana” and how to become an “oil tycoon” even maybe in your own home town.
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    • January 28, 2014 7:21 am

      Later in the week I will be doing a post on new crossbows from the 2014 Shot Show. David Barnett, for example, has made some real advances in making a modern moderately-priced crossbow. He liked it so much that his own boy took his first wild hog with one. The hog weighed as much as his son did and both were justifiably proud of their accomplishment – particularly as dad had designed the crossbow.

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