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Atlanta Podcast Hosts Stone Payton / Katy Galli Interview Hovey About “Create Your Own Job Security” on Atlanta BusinessRadioX

August 6, 2018

Create Your Own Job Security

I always have a fun time when I have a chance to do an in-studio interview with a radio host as I did last Wednesday with Stone Payton and his Co-Host Katy Galli. Galli was also the show’s director, sound engineer, and unexpectedly became part of the show.  She has been doing a series of interviews with sports figures who became businessmen after their playing days were over. We had an interchange about what was needed to take these radio interviews and make a book out of them.

One advantage of doing a studio recording is that the equipment is matched, compared to a telephone interview where one side may be on a sometimes scratchy phone line, with the result is that the audio quality is generally better. And, since Galli was on the sound board, the volume of the voices could be more nearly evened out during the recording.

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