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Kirkus Review of “Until Death Do You Part” Reviewed

November 20, 2021

Father of the Grooms

Every author thinks that his novel is the best that was ever written as over several years he may have put all of his energies in writing what he thinks is the perfect book. Book review companies like Kirkus serve the useful function of providing an unbiased look at the book as they evaluate the work from their own mindset of what that “perfect novel” should be and how it should read, which is not necessarily the same as the author’s vision. As a writer, Professional Geologist, hunter, cook, and outdoor guy, I wrote Until Death Do You Part as the book I would like to read filled with facts and local insights something in the manner that Michener wrote in his epic novels like Hawaii. To expand on some points I included footnotes which the reviewer found more distracting than helpful as they “insert the author into the story…

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